My Childhood

When I was a child

Hi friend reader,

What can I tell you about my childhood? Well, I was born in Valledupar in 1989 on April 5th, but I grew up in La Paz. La Paz is a town next to Valledupar. I remember I had a lot of friends there, and we often played basketball and soccer together.

On vacation, I went to Cartagena and La Guajira with my family 16 years ago. Most people love to be in the beach, my family and I do too.

When I was in school, my favorite classes were mathematics, computer studies and physical education. All of my classmates passed computer studies and a lot of them physical education, but only a few of them could pass mathematics. Most studens hated it, but I loved math. I think I studied engineering because I really loved math. I remember my favorite teacher was math teacher when I was nine years old, her name was Giobany.

In the school, my close firends were Juan Carlos, Breiner and Xavier. Actually, They are my best friends yet.

I lived in La Paz until I got married, from 1989 to 2013. Then I moved to Valledupar with my wife, and we lived there for three years; I mean, my wife and I didn’t live in Valledupar long. Then we came here to Bogota about two years ago.

Here I share you some photos about my childhood…


Well, now what can you tell me about your childhood? I will wait your comments…


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