A Little Tour in The Valledupar City

Hi friend reader,

Do you know the Valledupar city? If your answer is no, no problem. Today I will be your tourist guide, and this is a map of our tour.

A Little Tour in The Valledupar City

Note: We will do this tour by touristic bus in the morning because Valledupar is beautiful but hot. I recommend you to wear fresh clothes.

The Cacique of Upar MonumentWell, our tour begins at The Cacique of Upar Monument. It’s near the bus terminal on 7thA Avenue, between 44th and 45th Street. This monument is a homage to the Cacique Upar. He was the top boss of the Chimilas, a tribe of this region. The name Valledupar or Valle de (of) Upar come from name of this Cacique. In this place, you can have a beautiful view of the principal entrance of the city.

Folklore Vallenato MonumentOur next station is The Folklore Vallenato Monument, this is a work in homage to the typical Vallenato band; I mean, Acordeonero, Cajero and Guacharaquero. This work is on 20th street, on Simon Bolivar Avenue; I mean, we should take 18thD Avenue or Simon Bolivar Avenue 6 minute to 20th street. Here you can contemplate a part of the city center.

Covered Coliseum and The PoporosAfter this place, we will visit to Covered Coliseum and The Poporos. To get there, from The Folklore Vallenato Monument we go straight ahead on Simon Bolivar Avenue for 3 blocks. Then we take 19th Avenue 6 blocks to 13thB Bis Street. After, we a make left and go to 19thC Avenue. On this Avenue, between 11th and 13thB Bis Street, we can see Covered Coliseum. The Coliseum is a building with a movable ceiling. This is in front of the Poporos monument. The Poporos monument is a homage to three indigenous tribes: Arhuacos, Koguis y Arzarios. They still live in the Sierra Nevada.

My Piece of Accordion MonumentThe next station is My Piece of Accordion Monument, this work is a homage to first Vallenato king Alejandro Duran. This is a symbol of all Acordeoneros. My Piece of Accordion Monument is on 30th Street, on 19th Avenue; I mean, from Covered Coliseum we go to back to 19th Avenue and turn left. We take 19th Avenue 6 minutes to 30th Street.


Park of the Legend VallenataGo up on 19th Avenue, after Sonesta Hotel, we found The Park of the Legend Vallenata. Since 2004, here is the Vallenato Festival. This is an ecological, cultural and tourist park.


The Siren of Hurtado and The Guatapuri RiverNear to The Park of the Legend Vallenata is The Siren of Hurtado and The Guatapuri River. The monument of the Siren of Hurtado remembers us a mythical story about Rosario Arciniegas, a girl who became a siren for bathing in the Guatapuri river on a holy Thursday. The Guatapurí river is the spa for excellence of the Vallenatos. Here we will have our lunch. We can eat Sancocho, a soup with hen, we can eat Butifarra too, the Butifarra is a kind of Chorizo, but more delicious.


And here we finish our tour. Thank you to read this post. I hope to see you soon!


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