Getting ready to travel to the mythical Valledupar

Welcome to Valledupar!


Valledupar is a beautiful and friendly city localized in the north of Colombia in the Cesar’s department. Most people call it the world capital of the Vallenato, because in this place Vallenata music was born. This mythical music could unite three different Cultures through their instruments; I mean, Accordion of Germany, Caja of Africa and Guacharaca of the indigenous.

Here you will know its legends and history places. You will enjoy listening to the sounds of the accordion, the waters of the Guatapurí river and speaking with its happy people.

If you come to Valledupar, I know you will enjoy being in this mythical city.

For this amazing trip…

  • You need to get a big suitcase to bring your clothes and to take back the things you will want to buy there.
  • You need to take light clothes, because this city is beautiful but hot.
  • You need to pack a bathing suit to go to the great Guatapurí river.
  • You shouldn’t forget to take comfortable shoes to walk in its parks at night.
  • And you shouldn’t forget either to bring your camera.

In addition, …

  • I recommend that you take an umbrella with you to protect you from the sun.
  • You could take a Vueltiao hat, it’s grandiose to walk in the Vallenatas festivals.
  • And you shouldn’t forget to bring medicine for a stomach ache, because I think you will eat a lot of food, like Butifarra and Sancocho.

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